Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top Stun Gun For Women

What is the top stun gun for women? Because I own a self  defense business, I have women asking me all the time whats the best stun gun for a woman. I often tell them you want to get a stun gun with alot of volts if you can afford it. However. a simple 100,000 volt stun gun will do the job. High voltage stun guns just get the job done faster. Nevertheless. all stun guns are very easy to use. A woman should get a stun gun that she likes. She wants a stun gun that feels good in her hand. She want to take into considration if she want a small stun so that she can conceal the stun gun very good. Also, she may want to take into consideration that she may want to keep the stun gun in her purse. Futhermore, she may want a stun gun with a disabling pen because this prevents an attacker from using the stun gun on her in the event the attacker take the stun gun.Finally, if the woman travels alot at night, she may want a stun gun with bright LED light. The light will help her see at night. Also, she can use the flashlight to blind her attacker. We have a variety of Stun Guns at Absolute Security. For more information about Top Stun Gun for women read the article below.


As the crime rate goes up so is the number of women who are victims of crimes. Did you know that one in every two women has been a victim or will be a victim of a violent crime? As a matter of fact, 95% of the victims in crimes such as rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and physical violence are all women. This is why so many women today, are now making it their responsibility to protect and defend themselves against these violent crimes.

However, majority of these women don't want to use a gun and justifiably kill or permanently hurt someone. In addition, there is the danger of the gun being snatched by the perpetrator. Most of these women just want to stop an attacker or intruder dead in their tracks long enough for them to get away or get help. A stun gun will incapacitate an attacker long enough for that to happen. Moreover, most women want their stun guns to be discreet, portable and powerful. Discreet, because ladies really don't want people around them to know they are carrying a stun gun. Women also want something that can easily fit into their purses and powerful enough to incapacitate a very large man.

The pretender, the lipstick and the pen stun guns are considered to be the best for women because, they have all of the qualities the ladies want. The pretender is a cell phone stun gun that pretends to be a camera cell phone. This stunner looks just like your regular camera cell phone, thus giving you the edge, since an attacker will think you are just carrying a cell phone. This stunner is discreet - looks like a camera cell phone, it is portable - it's only four inches wide and it is very powerful - we're talking 4.5 million volts. Now, the lipstick stun gun is one of the smallest ever made, making a favorite of the ladies. It is built to look just like a tube of lipstick, making very discreet and its small size makes it super portable. It is also packing 950,000 volts. The last, but not the least, is the pen stun gun. Just as the name suggests, this one looks like a pen. In addition, its sleek design makes it extremely portable and it is powerful enough to drop a 300 pound man.
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